What's Happening on the Farm


Here are Almond in the Gel Stage

The immature almonds are beginning to look like almonds.  The tree is pumping nutrients, protein and carbohydrates into the small kernels and they are growing larger every day.  The embryo is soft and filled with gel and will take several months to harden into a completely mature nut.  Until then, it is important to give the tree the fertilizer and…


This is what’s Called “Transplant Shock”

When the tomato seedlings come from the nursery, they are healthy and deep green in color.  They have spent their young lives in a controlled environment and were given everything they needed to become healthy plants.  Eventually though, they must leave the ideal environment of the nursery and start life as a tomato plant in the open fields. These seedlings…


The Almonds are Growing Fast!

In just a few short weeks the blooms have completely cycled out and now the orchard is beginning to fill with almonds.  As the almonds mature they push through the calyx and it drops to the ground.  The leaves are forming rapidly and spreading out to grab as much sunlight as possible. It is the leaves that do most of…