Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds


This is 2.2 lb of raw california almonds packaged in a jar made of food-safe and recyclable plastic.  Because this jar is easily resealable it will keep your raw almonds fresh for about a year… but we doubt they’ll be around that long!

Our almonds are grown on our family farm in Central California.  We care for the orchards all year and harvest in August and September then, after harvest, they come to our facility about three miles away, in Tranquillity where they are sized, sorted and packaged with modern equipment under Global Food Safety Standards.  We strive to produce the best quality and freshest product you can buy and believe that our “Farm Direct” method is the best way to achieve this.

We believe that eating whole, natural and nutritious food contributes to better health and ultimately a better life.  Please don’t hesitate to give our almonds a try– we know you won’t be disappointed!


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Weight 42 oz
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